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Story solutions

We can help your team create a story through carpet content.

Visitors to events participate in immersive experiences and our carpets can be a fundamental element in storytelling and setting the scene.

When utilised as a medium for storytelling, carpet in its many forms and colours can incite feelings, create emotions and submerge customers in a journey.

With multiple textures and colours, our team will take a carpet and bend, curve, fold and cut it into horizontal, vertical or angled dimensions to create surprising and fascinating results.

Or your experience may be a simple one; making a magical moment extra special from the instant an award winner touches the glistening carpet with their Louboutins until the last second before departing at the end of the spectacular evening.

Stories can delight with twists and turns; stories are an immersive experience where visitors are part of the sensory and textural exploration helping bring alive a client brand or a client activation.


Our carpet creations inspire curiosity. The only limitation is your imagination. 

Why not make a statement?

Feature areas, activations, concourses can all be treated individually to make an impact, whether your objective is to attract, create awe, surprise or delight. Our team can brainstorm to provide your event with a unique feature using one of our products.

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