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Carpet content generation

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We provide flooring input for exhibitions, awards, activations, pop ups and experiential events across the United Kingdom.

Our personnel liaise closely with client teams to supply quality carpet, delivering it directly to your door and installing it ready and on time for events. Each client is different and our added value is to ensure we are providing cost-effective carpeting services that match our clients’ budgets.

We don’t see carpet as just a basic necessity, however.

We see it as providing content for your event, an essential tool in the trick of storytelling. Generating exciting content through the use of different carpet forms and colours can help distinguish an area, a feature, a room or a whole exhibition. Whether put on the wall in a bright colour with additional creative elements, or whether it is die-cut into shapes to stick on the ceiling, carpet can provide texture and layers not previously considered.

Our team can help brainstorm ideas to meet your event objectives and provide memorable experiences for visitors.

Our history

Our mother company, Al Mazen Group, has a legacy in the GCC stretching 37 years.

Al Mazen Group started out as a manufacturer of furniture and a supplier of flooring and furnishings in the UAE. We supplied custom and ready-made furniture, both classic and contemporary for various individual customers and projects. At our core, project management teams with specialist skill sets ensured our place as the first choice for large development interior design and product supply.

We now source and produce quality products for hospitality, retail, hotels and residential projects for the major holding groups in the region. We have grown and developed to where Al Mazen Group is now considered the largest carpet importer, wholesale dealer and manufacturer in the UAE, and across the Middle East.

Diversification into the exhibition industry has resulted in the group working with the major contractors and venues in the Middle East. The exhibition division has worked hard to corner the market and it now supplies 80% of the market.

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